Wisteria provides on-site and remote development & consulting services for a variety of clients within the Federal Government, Life Sciences & Energy sectors.

Companies operating within the Energy sector are faced with the challenge of achieving operational excellence and extract the maximum value from their resources. Operating in such heavily regulated industry, the license to operate and the viability of the company relies entirely on the delivery of safe, streamlined and responsible operations. This calls for innovative information management technologies and their effective customization and support.

Purchasing off-the-shelf software solution for the effective information governance within such heavily regulated industries is not enough. A team of industry-focused professionals are required to handle the further customization and support of these business applications.

Wisteria’s first-hand experience with organizations operating with the Oil & Gas industry enabled our team of OpenText certified professionals to deliver industry-tailored services and solutions to energy companies. We are can assist in the optimizing your business processes and turning your Content Server environment into a fully-functional business application designed to meet your business and information governance needs.

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